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Central Association of the German Bakery Trade prepares for iba

The Central Association of the German Bakery Trade will have a new location at iba this year. From October 22 to 26, the association will be present in Hall A4.230, for an easier direct interaction with bakers there. “Our presence at the trade fair will be like a village of the bakery trade: here, bakers can find out about the work of the central association, gain exciting insights into the competitions and meet numerous colleagues from our large family of bakers,” Michael Wippler, President of the Central Association of the German Bakery Trade, explains the new concept. In addition, the Central Association for members of the guild offers daily guided trade fair tours.

To support individual planning of the trade fair visit, the digital trade fair planner, the iba.UNIVERSE was introduced.

The focus is on the iba.TOPICS, with the help of which the visit can be classified thematically: the focus topics of handicrafts, food trends, health and sustainability characterize the entire trade fair and reflect the current trends in the industry.

As part of the iba.ACADEMY, visitors can train their own skills and produce Stollen confectionery and pretzels under professional guidance.

The iba.FORUM offers visitors numerous lectures on the focus topics of the fair, where inspiring speakers give new impetus. For example, current snack trends will be presented and the new book by Johann Lafer will be presented.

Furthermore, several competitions will be held: The iba UIBC CUP of Bakers, the German Master Bakers Championship and The iba UIBC CUP of Confectioners.

New in: the Federal Honorary Award and the iba.START UP AREA

A special highlight will be the first-time presentation of the Federal Honorary Award of the German Bakery Trade on October 25 at 11 a.m. With the award, innovative companies from all over Germany are honored by the Central Association and the German Bread Institute. Another innovation at the fair is the iba.START UP AREA, which focuses on founders with their unique concepts.

Moreover, the central association pays attention to the next generation of the industry. The BackStage young talent days, which the central association already successfully carried out in 2018, are taking place again. 16 talented trainees have the opportunity to learn from the greats of the bakery industry over a weekend and will demonstrate their skills in a challenge.

“This year’s iba is packed with numerous highlights and inspiring guests, so the visit is definitely worth it!” promises Wippler, for whom the iba will also be the last during his presidency.

The highlights of the day in Hall A4 at a glance:

Sunday, October 22:

  • The iba UIBC Cup of Bakers
  • Trainee talk at 2 p.m
  • BackStage young talent days, award ceremony at 3 p.m

Monday, October 23:

  • Training day
  • The iba UIBC Cup of Bakers

Tuesday, October 24:

  • The iba UIBC Cup of Bakers, award ceremony at 5:30 p.m

Wednesday, October 25:

  • Baker’s Day
  • The iba UIBC CUP of confectioners
  • Federal honorary award at 11 a.m
  • German championship of master bakers, award ceremony at 5 p.m

Thursday, October 26:

  • The iba UIBC CUP of Confectioners, award ceremony at 4 p.m

Photo: The iba.UIBC.CUP of Bakers 2018. Credit: GHM