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Corbion shares detailed Climate Action Plan

Corbion published an updated Climate Action Roadmap, aiming to spark greater collaboration and knowledge sharing among manufacturers worldwide. The roadmap provides a detailed breakdown of actions taken so far, and defines the steps ahead, to achieve its recently revised emission reduction targets.

The plan recaps Corbion’s sustainability journey and progress made since 2016, which, in the first five years, resulted in a 27% reduction in Scope I, II and III emissions per ton of product. Corbion then set new targets, which were validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) last year.

Covered in Corbion’s Climate Action Roadmap are:

  • A transition to renewable energy
  • Radical process development
  • Supplier engagement and raw material certification
  • Support and promotion of regenerative agriculture practices
  • Reduction of transport emissions
  • Elimination of waste sent to landfill
  • Sustainability performance transparency
  • Active promotion of climate action

Having developed the ability to estimate future emissions, Corbion is now able to take into account both the increases that come with growth and reductions realized through sustainability initiatives, providing a well-founded projection of the net result, the company explains. “We are committed to transparency because none of us can do this alone,” said Diana Visser, Senior DirectorSustainability at Corbion.

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