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CSM Ingredients introduces new product range
CSM Ingredients unveiled a new product range, presented in a new brand image, available for its clients in France under the Catherine brand name. “Not only will this iconic brand have a new look and feel, but it will also become the emblem of concepts that are key for us at CSM Ingredients,” the company announced. The Catherine bread range will be locally produced, at the Bischheim plant in France. It is formulated using locally sourced ingredients, as the bread mixes are using the ‘Farine de Blé’ flour, which is produced at a local mill and is of 100% French origin. The new release is also a clean-label product: “Additives are kept to a bare minimum, with some mixes totally free of additives, such as the Caty Baguette Rustique,” CSM says. In addition, the company’s bread mixes are exclusively made with plant-based ingredients, meeting the standards of environmentally and nutrition-conscious flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan consumers.   Photo: Pexels (#1755785)