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Délifrance reveals CSR commitments

The French bakery reinforced its commitment to limiting waste and its environmental impact, with the occasion of the European Week of Waste Reduction. Its CSR strategy, ‘Baking Good BETTER’, sets the foundation for its priorities. “It was built around three pillars: Planet, Women & Men, Product & know-how. It will be enriched and challenged throughout the years to stay ambitious and to take into account the evolution of all the stakeholders’ expectations,” said CSR Director Nathalie Genebes, adding that the core objective will always be “to do BETTER”.

Some key priorities at Délifrance for the next few months will include lowering CO2 emissions in its factories, reducing water consumption, accelerating sustainable sourcing and minimizing food waste, while prioritizing employee safety and well-being.

“We are currently working on defining our climate strategy to contribute to carbon neutrality by 2050. We did a robust assessment of our Scope 3 emissions earlier this year and are now working on setting a forward trajectory for our direct and indirect scopes for the period to 2050, with intermediate targets to be achieved by 2030. We will share our action plans during the first semester 2023,” Genebes added.

To reduce its environmental impact, Délifrance is working on managing its carbon footprint, optimizing operations, the eco-design of its packaging, minimizing food waste and biodiversity preservation. To do so, the French company announced it aims to optimize its energy consumption and work on integrating renewable energy, to progressively phase to using refrigerants with low environmental impact and to consider the carbon impact all its in investment decisions by the end of 2022. In this way, Délifrance aims to lower GHG emissions by 20% until 2025. The company is working on defining its climate strategy, by the end of 2022, to contribute to global carbon neutrality by 2050.

Délifrance owns 14 production sites, based both in France and elsewhere. Délifrance’s and VIVESCIA’s common objective is to limit the impact of these sites, by mastering the water, gas and electricity consumptions and managing waste, thanks to the Environmental Charter deployed by the Group progressively.

Photo: New recipes in the Heritage range: chocolate/Piedmont hazelnut, apricot from Bologna and Sicilian lemon cream filling. Credit: Délifrance social media