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ECD brings touchscreen profiling technology to iba

ECD will bring its thermal profiling technology to iba in October. The handheld M.O.L.E.™ EV6 sets a new benchmark for thermal data loggers, delivering instantaneous data access and intuitive control – now with a full-color touchscreen display. In addition to the six-channel M.O.L.E. EV6, the company’s BreadOMETER™, CakeOMETER™, and OvenBALANCER™ sensors will be demonstrated at the stand (Hall B1 – 124).

Thermal profiling of baked goods and verification of oven performance are key for product consistency, quality, shelf-life optimization, and yield maximization. Understanding product thermal transformation and oven heat flow consistency through precise time and temperature data capture can help bakeries streamline production. The M.O.L.E. EV6 now enables bakers to have access to the data immediately so that adjustments can be made in real-time, and errors avoided.

Ray Pearce, ECD Baking Product Manager, has worked with bakers for over 30 years, helping them integrate thermal profiling methodologies into their operations. He comments on how the company’s latest innovation can streamline baking results. “With conventional thermal profilers, data is not viewable on the tool itself,” says Pearce. “Only after download to a PC are you able to make adjustments, which delays corrective measures. Now, M.O.L.E. EV6 enables access to information like S-Curve milestones and various profiling analysis tools in the palm of your hand, on the bakery floor, so immediate remedies can be implemented.”

ECD’s M.O.L.E. platform is the data capture engine for its portfolio of sensor technologies, including BreadOMETER, CakeOMETER, and OvenBALANCER, which will all be demonstrated throughout the show.

Photo: ECD