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Fazer to invest in new rye bread line

Fazer is planning to build a new, energy-efficient bread line in the Lahti bakery. The investment would result in removing some of the existing production lines in Lahti, a move with an impact on the staff needed going forward. In preparation for these changes, Fazer Bakery Finland started negotiations at the Lahti bakery. Possible terminations of maximum 54 employment contracts are planned to be carried out gradually during the years 2023–2025. Due to the investment, several new working methods would at the same time be created, and if the employer and employee would reach an agreement on the matter, the number of possible terminations would decrease. Should the negotiations lead to firings, Fazer intends to support the personnel and their chances of re-employment. Vacancies in Fazer Group will be primarily offered to those employees whose employment would possibly be terminated. Fazer will also cooperate with public employment and business services (TE Services).   

The negotiations concern in total 218 employees and a part of the salaried employees working in Fazer’s bakery in Lahti. Senior salaried employees in Lahti bakery or personnel working at Fazer Gluten-free bakery are not affected by the planned changes.  

Fazer is planning an investment in rye bread production for the facility. The purpose of the planned changes would be to develop the manufacturing capabilities of the Lahti bakery and to improve energy efficiency in the long term, Fazer announced.

The planned investment would significantly reduce the Lahti bakery’s CO2 emissions and total energy consumption, supporting the company’s commitment to reducing CO2 emissions by 42% by 2030.

“With the investment, we will develop the future of the Lahti bakery by building an energy-efficient and modern line”, says Marko Bergholm, Managing Director of Fazer Bakery Finland. “Consumers are looking for new types of rye bread products in their daily lives to bring variety to the current offering. For us, it is important that the products are baked sustainably.  Our bakery in Lahti is the largest rye bread bakery in the world and we are proud of it.” 

Fazer employs a team of approximately 5,000 people. In 2022, Fazer Group had net sales of EUR 1.1 billion.   

Photo: Fazer social media