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FEB returns to ANIA

The French Federation of Bakery and Pastry Companies (FEB) will rejoin the National Association of Food Industries (ANIA – L’Association Nationale des Industries Alimentaires) starting September 1, 2022. The General Assembly’s decision comes after comprehensive consultation among FEB’s members and a meeting with the new ANIA management. Previously a member of the organization, FEB had left ANIA at the end of 2019.

“At the end of two difficult years of COVID, and in a completely new economic context linked to the war in Ukraine, it now seems essential for the actors of the FEB to resume their place within the ANIA collective,” FEB stated in an announcement, hoping the return would send “a strong signal to all the players in the sector”. This return is also motivated by the guarantee of ANIA’s new governance to ardently defend the strategic position of the country’s industry.

The French bakery and pastry industry association has 180 members, accounting for 150 production workshops and more than 1,600 bakery-viennoiserie-pastry stores.

ANIA received the recision favorably, as it strengthens its reach in the food industry.

“In a very turbulent economic context, this return is a strong signal that marks the strengthening of the ANIA collective, which now has 31 member trade unions, 5 associate members and 17 regional associations (ARIA),” ANIA also said in a separate announcement. “This return of the FEB is an opportunity to recall the clear mandate of ANIA’s new governance: to recall and demonstrate the strategic place of the country’s leading industry, which today must imperatively return to the path of growth in order to meet the challenges of ever healthier, safer, more sustainable and accessible food for all.”

Photo: Savvas Stavrinos, Pexels