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FRITSCH to showcase compact solutions at iba

At iba, FRITSCH will showcase two bread lines in a new compact and hygienic design, the PROGRESSA and the IMPRESSA bread. An extensive range of machines will be displayed at the stand, solutions for all business sizes.

The new hygienic design of the PROGRESSA bread line was introduced last year and it now incorporates a new round molder for more flexibility. It also features a new controller, which makes it easy and intuitive to operate.

The IMPRESSA bread

The industrial bread line IMPRESSA bread will also feature new upgrades, which include meeting higher hygiene standards and a more compact layout, making it almost 5 m shorter now. It was built with an open design and removable modules to make it easily accessible for cleaning. Some components, such as the conveyor belt table of the soft dough sheeter and the soft dough roller are now mobile and can be cleaned in the washing area. The new rolling technology allowed the designers to compress the footprint of the IMPRESSA bread to its new size: it produces a highly uniform sheet of dough with precisely defined edges, avoiding shearing forces or the use of separating agents. This method helps lower scrap dough to a minimum throughout the rest of the process. Thanks to its modular design, new products can be introduced on the line with fast and tool-less changeovers. Smart Services also help prevent downtimes of the new line.

The ROLLFIX dough sheeter will also be highlighted at the stand in Munich.

In addition, FRITSCH will hold live machine demonstrations on the exhibited lines.

MULTIVAC packaging technology will also be on display, including the R085 deep drawing machine and Flowpacker W510, solutions that complement the range of baking lines by FRITSCH.

Another event organized at the stand will be the FRITSCH & Friends evening, held with customers and business partners on October 23.

The company plans to continue its development focus in the areas of hygienic design, equipment with a small footprint and modular solutions. “In addition, we in the MULTIVAC Group continue to work consistently on Smart Services in order to support our customers in a predictive manner and to avoid unplanned downtimes. All of our industrial lines are now designed for this as standard,” FRITSCH tells us.