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HEUFT sustainable ovens come to IBIE

Thermal oil oven specialist HEUFT will promote its large oven systems at IBIE, highlighting the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and thermal oil technology. “Our large oven systems are custom-made, therefore each piece is an innovation in itself. Our ovens are not only maximally flexible but also highly cost-efficient when it comes to energy savings,” explains Marcus Hofmann, HEUFT Thermo-Oel GmbH & Co. KG, USA.

The German company’s ovens use thermal oil as a heat transfer medium for its excellent heat conduction properties. A new, patent-pending innovation will be showcased at IBIE – the hybrid thermal oil heater, which heats thermal oil sustainably and allows the freedom to choose the preferred energy source. “It combines two technologies: an electric and a fired heater – the electric heater can use electricity from regenerative sources, and the fired heater can use natural gas or heating oil as an energy source,” Hofmann says.

HEUFT’s ovens are designed for medium-sized artisan and industrial bakeries and are available in over 30 countries worldwide. They are used for all types of products from tray, tin, and free-baked goods to fine pastries.

Photo: HEUFT