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iba 2023:  EUROGERM to unveil collection of new solutions

At iba, EUROGERM will present its Collection #10, ‘The Art of the Signature!’. The 2023-2024 collection provides a variety of solutions to meet the needs of today’s consumers, focusing on concerns about protecting the planet or maintaining good health.

Consumer food choices attest to changing lifestyles, a commitment to sustainable values and a search for balanced treats. Meals are increasingly flexible, with snacking becoming predominant. A growing number of consumers are interested in mini products, as they offer a variety of flavors and opportunities to indulge with less guilt and lower price points.

Collection #10 showcases specialties with traditional or more surprising flavors, a variety of textures ranging from tender to crunchy, vegetarian recipes as well as appropriate nutritional properties. “EUROGERM has curated a portfolio of ingredients and solutions to inspire ‘artists’ and ensure every miller, baker and pastry chef has what they need to create a whole range of signature products,” the company comments (hence the name “The Art of the Signature!”).

The ADDIGERM SOFT BRIOCHE EGGS & BUTTER FREE/ REDUC range is free from synthetic additives and has reduced sugar content. It also contributes to the finished product’s carbon footprint by excluding eggs and butter.