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iba ’23: KPM highlights quality control trends

KPM Analytics showcases solutions that meet growing trends such as automated product inspection, process control achieved with vision inspection, processing whole wheat/high-fiber products, at-line dough quality analysis, and ingredient quality control.

Vision inspection technology supports consistent product characteristics across multiple lines or facilities, helping mitigate human errors that might occur during production and addressing workforce-related challenges by process automation.

While primarily used for final production inspection, in recent years, many bakeries have begun integrating vision inspection technologies to control their production process, from monitoring stages before baking (forming, proofing, etc.) to inspecting processes after baking, such as packaging line balancing.

This allows operators to adjust processes fast when machines operate outside of given specifications, to control ingredient usage and ensure even distribution of toppings or icings, for example. Vision-based lane-balancing technologies also help improve product flow.

At iba, KPM will showcase a range of solutions such as Chopin Technologies’ rheology analyzers, Alveolab, Mixolab 2, SDmatic 2 and Rheo F4, EyePro Systems’ inline and offline vision inspection systems, NIR Analyzers, online moisture sensors and artificial intelligence solutions. KPM’s new brand, SmartVisionWorks, will be among the highlights.

Yuegang Zhao, KPM Analytics’ Chief Commercial Officer, details:  “At this show, we will highlight several new products: we recently introduced whole wheat Alveograph test protocol for Alveolab, the industry first. We just launched our next-generation starch damage analyzer, SDmatic 2, in July. We will showcase many new applications on our Mixolab 2 analyzer for vital gluten, pulse, keto flowers and other specialty foods. We will showcase the latest and greatest vision technology from EyePro for bakery customers.” Live demonstrations will be held throughout the show.

Bakery plants will increasingly favor automation, IoT and big data to reduce costs and gain more insights into their production process, to improve quality and food safety, KPM observes. “KPM’s solutions help bakers to gather real-time data throughout their production process and transfer the data into actionable intelligence. Our inline solutions enable automated quality control at various stages of the production process to improve quality and reduce costs,” Zhao explains.

Photo: Alveolab. Credit: KPM Analytics

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