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IBIE 2022: Latest MIWE roll-in e+ takes center stage

MIWE will highlight a wide range of baking oven technology for different categories of bakeries, as well as refrigeration solutions. “All MIWE products on display are the latest models in their series. They are equipped with the newest available features that make the baker’s life easier and guarantee high-quality baked goods. MIWE ovens feature the latest technology for more efficient use and recovery of precious energy, digital solutions for networking MIWE equipment and automation systems in the bakery,” according to MIWE.

The types of ovens MIWE will present range from all-around deck ovens for artisan baking and in-store usage, to rack ovens and flexible solutions, combining deck and convection ovens on a small footprint. Besides products in the hotter range of the temperature scale, MIWE will also be exhibiting bakery refrigeration solutions, such as the fully automatic proofing unit MIWE GVA.

Two different rack ovens are showcased at the MIWE booth at IBIE. In focus, the MIWE roll-in e+ in its newest version, a rack oven providing “efficiency, consistency, quality and energy efficiency, with new functions for wider product variety, better servicing and new connectivity features,” MIWE details. The 2022 model of the MIWE roll-in rack oven has just been released, with several improvements in baking, connectivity and service. “While some features are optional and depend on the type of burner available, the new additions allow for more variety in baking character, faster batch-after-batch baking and a new steam function especially useful for 100% rye bread or tin loaves,” MIWE explains. The  MIWE orbit rack oven will also be on display.

With the all-arounder, the MIWE condo, MIWE showcases an electrically-heated deck oven, with a gentle baking atmosphere for high-quality baking results. The MIWE econo convection oven is also a part of the IBIE lineup. “It is ideal for all partly-baked goods, pastries and even croissants,” MIWE highlights. The MIWE condo features the new MIWE hand mode, to control the temperature for top and bottom heating, as well as steam, with a simple finger slide.

The MIWE backcombi brings convection in a deck oven, designed for smaller shops: “This combination gives maximum flexibility on a very small footprint and offers an exceptional variety in baking,” MIWE details.

MIWE focuses on all areas of professional baking, from shop and artisan baking to market bakeries and (semi)industrial bakehouses.

Photo: MIWE roll-in, the 2022 model (credit: MIWE)