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Ingredion to exhibit at Snackex 2022

Ingredion announced its plans to exhibit at SNACKEX a variety of ingredients aimed at helping snack manufacturers develop and formulate nutritionally balanced products, and maintain indulgence and texture. They will include solutions for health and wellness, reduced sugar, reduced salt, and enhanced protein or fiber.

Organized by the European Snacks Association (ESA), SNACKEX is set to take place on July 6-7 at Hamburg Messe, Germany – Europe’s only savory snack and snack nut professional trade event.

“EMEA is the largest snack market globally and is predicted to achieve 6% annual growth between 2021 and 2026. Coupled with a growing consumer appetite for healthier snacks with as many as 50% of European consumers looking for healthier snacks all or most of the time in the current post-Covid climate, this presents a significant opportunity for snacks manufacturers to tap into this developing market,” said Janin Zippel, Strategic Marketing Manager – Bakery, Snacks and Confectionary EMEA at Ingredion. Ingredion will guide visitors through the latest consumer insights and show how its latest ingredient innovations can help develop low sugar, low salt, protein-enriched and high in fiber snacks that deliver the same eating experience as traditional products.

Solutions will include the VITESSENCE® Pulse proteins and HOMECRAFT® Pulse flours for highly nutritious, protein-enriched snacks with a balanced nutrition positioning, the HI-MAIZE® 260 resistant starch, a dietary fiber that enhances the nutritional profile of snacks such as crackers. A range of solutions designed to boost the taste profile of reduced sugar, reduced salt and protein-enriched snacks will also be showcased. This includes its polyol produced by fermentation, ERYSTA®, which supports functional build back and sweetness, enabling manufacturers to create reduced-sugar products without compromising on textural and functional properties. The natural flavor modifier NSF-13, in turn, improves targeted flavor tonalities, notably brown notes, while reducing potential bitterness on top of its core sweetness quality contribution, Ingredion explained. 

Ingredion will also highlight a number of its texturizers and starches that can be used to recover the texture of healthy snacks or can regain optimal processability characteristics, including its PRECISA® Crisp texturizers, the pregelatinized food starch, CRISPIOCA™, which acts as a general texturizing agent; and its PURITY® Alpha 806, a native food starch-based on waxy rice serving as a water binder and stabilizing agent for low moisture systems.

Ingredion will also showcase its range of plant-based glaze solutions, including SIMPLISTICA® and FUSERA.