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interpack: DIOSNA presents fermentation, granulation and mixing technology

After a six-year break, DIOSNA returns to interpack with solutions for the food industry in the areas of fermentation, granulation and mixing.

The WH240 A Wendel Mixer is among the highlights at DIOSNA’s booth this year. Designed as an open construction with stainless steel profiles for optimum hygiene, it enables easy cleaning, respectively shorter downtimes. The mixer is suitable for all types of dough, masses, and bars, DIOSNA explains. 

Additionally, “We will focus on automated, secure processes and systems – for example, through the advantages of AGV systems in symbiosis with our machines,” DIOSNA tells us.

The universal mixer V100 will also be presented at the fair, an all-rounder solution that can be used for a wide range of food applications, ranging from sports nutrition, and instant beverages, to instant soups and spices. It is also used in applications across the pharmaceutical, chemical, plastics and cosmetics industries for its excellent mixing results with short process times for solid mixtures – even with the addition of liquids.

“Trade fairs are still a special occasion for our industry – in spite of the multi-layered challenges that have preoccupied the industry in recent years,” DIOSNA comments on interpack’s return. Over the past six years, the company shifted its focus to meet these challenges and, in response, it has digitized many of its processes to cushion the negative global impact of the past challenging years.

Starting with interpack, DIOSNA is anticipating this year’s trade shows: “We expect an in-depth exchange and the opportunity for extensive networking.” For up-and-coming trends in the baking industry, the German manufacturer forecasts automation and digitalization to be among the first priorities for bakers to best position themselves for the future. “End customers are also influencing industry trends with their desire for healthier products that are also manufactured in a resource-saving fashion,” DIOSNA highlights.

Photo: The WH240 A Wendel Mixer. Credit: DIOSNA