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Koenig achieves record sales

Koenig, headquartered in Graz, Austria, closed its fiscal year at the end of February 2023 with record sales of EUR 114 million. This is a new record for the company that focused on international exports since it was founded by Helmut König, in 1966.

The company’s growth was supported by its ability to develop its own supply chain, which made it less vulnerable to procurement fluctuations. With the acquisition of the Finnish cooling spiral manufacturer Vulganus Oy in mid-2022, the Koenig Group further expanded its position in industrial complete plant engineering.

However, Koenig Group still faced challenges last year, the company said, with rising raw material and energy costs, leading to changes in the market.

“In the last 10 years, we have been able to increase our sales from EUR 50 million to EUR 114 million in 2022, an absolute record for our company. This makes Koenig one of the world’s leading suppliers of bakery technology,” says Koenig CEO, Wolfgang Staufer.

He explains the company’s strategy: “From 2015 onwards, we have increasingly started with large-scale roll lines and have successfully established ourselves as a total supplier in the industrial line sector. This was particularly evident in the past fiscal year, as we were able to record the largest orders in Germany in the entire history of the company, with a value of up to EUR 6 million per order. We have thus reached the top league of the order class on the export market.”

Photo: Koenig