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Koenig relaunches Eco Twin

The 2022 Eco Twin model was revised to provide increased performance, options for modular layout and optimization in several process areas. This compact roll line for proofing, stamping and forming now comes with an increase in its nominal stroke rate of 17 strokes per minute, up from 14 (a 21% increase). Options such as pre-long roller or integrated long roller can be retrofitted, thanks to its modular build. Optimization features make the products and the process more visible, provide easier access and cleaning.

Nearly all common types of bread rolls (cut rolls, Kaiser rolls, plait rolls, etc.) can be produced with this line, with fast changes between stamping tools and an optional cutting device.

Technical improvements, functions

  • New swings with higher inner width (600 mm instead of 560 mm)
  • New mechanics of the swivel stamping station
  • More compact, optional heating and humidification unit allows for easier cleaning
  • Retracting unit: easier adjustment of the retracting length
  • Reduction of the switching noise when activating the integrated long rolling unit
  • Height adjustable baking tray support (optionally with drawer and pusher)
  • Cross conveyance at the top on the operator side, and on the drive side on request

Photo: Koenig