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Kwik Lok launches Enviro-Lok sustainable closure

Kwik Lok announced the launch of its latest bag closure designed for sustainability. The Enviro-Lok is a polypropylene bag closure that is made to keep products safe and fresh, while also delivering a better potential for recycling. It was made with 34% less plastic than the standard Kwik Lok closures, using 67% less water and with 44% fewer carbon emissions. It can run on existing Kwik Lok machines.

At the same time, the new ‘lok’ has the strength and reliability of its plastic counterpart.

The Enviro-Lok can also be paired with Kwik Lok’s Ultrasonic Labels, to take its sustainability benefits one step further. The new ultrasonic welded labels are offered only with the Enviro-Lok, for branding, tracking and traceability. This label is made from the same material as the Enviro-Lok and, due to the ultrasonic weld technology, does not require the use of sticky adhesives. This makes the Enviro-Lok even easier to recycle, as all its elements are made with one material – polypropylene.

Photo: Kwik Lok YouTube video