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Lesaffre expands presence in Australia

Lesaffre Australia Pacific opened two new facilities in mid-November: a Molasses Extracts Plant (MEP) on its production site in Melbourne and a training showroom for bread making at its Baking Center in Mortlake (Sydney). 

The MEP helps produce derivative products rich in nutrients, which are then reprocessed by evaporation. “The applications are very diversified and respectful of the environment,” says Lesaffre. The plant is dedicated to the treatment of those derivatives that are usually recovered in liquid form for spreading on horticultural crops. Derivative products represent solutions to reduce the use of mineral fertilizers essential for industrial agriculture. The response from local industry to these products has been strong, Lesaffre reports. The plant was built in 18 months and reached its full capacity in November 2022.

This is the first installation of its kind by Lesaffre in Australia, and the 20th installation of its kind globally.

“We opened a Baking Center in Australia a few years ago, which met a real success with bakers. The enhancements to this existing unit will allow us to further support our customers in the art of breadmaking and will enable us to offer more precise and global technical applications to current & future customers, such as technologies regarding the reduction of energy consumption or new cooking techniques” says Barry Sohier, General Manager, Lesaffre Australia Pacific.

Lesaffre now has a network of nearly 50 Baking Centers.

Photo: Lesaffre