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Lidl rebrands sourdough bread for accuracy
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Lidl renamed its ‘Sourdough crusty rye bloomer’ to ‘Crusty Wheat & Rye Bloomer’ on December 1, following complaints that included a note from the Real Bread Campaign. The initial name was found to not correctly describe the product, which had a misleading ‘sourdough’ claim although it was made of 56% wheat flour.

“The Campaign’s complaint was prompted by a Lidl customer, who had obtained the confession that a product the company marketed as ‘sourdough rye’ was in fact made mainly from wheat flour (56%), with baker’s yeast added to speed the rising process. Lidl rejected the customer’s complaint so, on  May 31, 2023, the Real Bread Campaign took action. The company rejected this second complaint and, after further correspondence broke down, on September 20, the Campaign complained to the trading standards department of London Borough of Bexley, which has a Primary Authority relationship with Lidl,” the Campaign elaborates.

Sustain, the organization behind the Read Bread Campaign, is an alliance of operations and communities working together for a better system of food, farming and fishing.


Photo: Sustain