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Maclean’s Highland Bakery wins big at World Championship Scotch Pie Awards

Maclean’s Highland Bakery won three prizes at the 22nd World Championship Scotch Pie Awards: bronze in the macaroni pie category, silver under hot savory for its fajita beef pie, and gold in the Scotch pie category. Chief Executive of Scottish Bakers, Alasdair Smith, runs the yearly competition on behalf of the bakery and butchery trades. Maclean’s won the main title in 2003.

The event awards the production of the best pie in 11 categories, including Football Pies and Savories, Macaroni Pie, Steak Pie, Sausage Roll, Cold Savory, Hot Savory, Vegetarian Savory, Haggis Savory, Bridie and Apple Pies. Over 70 butchers and bakers submitted more than 400 pies for evaluation.
Scottish Bakers has been supporting the country’s trade for over 130 years by representing and advising to ensure the industry remains competitive.