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March 20: World Flour Day 2023

With the motto “The Future of Flour,” World Flour Day is held this year on March 20, for the fourth time. In light of the recent developments and challenges, the celebration looks to the future, for how the product world is envisioned, to anticipate the influence of global change on flour production, its availability and the contributions that technological progress and knowledge can make.

March 20 was chosen for World Flour Day as the date in the middle of the solstice. In the Northern Hemisphere, this is the beginning of spring, the time of planting, and in the Southern Hemisphere, it marks autumn and harvest.

The celebration was established for millers to honor the importance of flour in daily nutrition. The FlourWorld Museum in Wittenburg, which initiated the day in 2020, will invite the entire community to contribute activities, posts and celebrations for March 20, 2023. All activities will be posted under #worldflourday and

“In preceding years, in the run-up to World Flour Day, we asked the global flour community for their perspectives on specific questions and posted their responses on a special website. This year we again want to celebrate the day with many different global visions and perspectives on the future of the industry. Because it’s about the community, its goals, needs and visions, and about linking all actors together more strongly,” explains Julia Fabiny-Schindel, social media manager, Stern-Wywiol Gruppe.

The organizers also hope that the day will help motivate and get people excited about specializing in flour and nutrition.

Julia Fabiny-Schindel stresses: “We want to create a platform for the future visions of everyone involved in the creation and consumption of flour-based products, from the farmer to the miller, the bakeries, the food industry, trade, science and consumers. We look forward to varied, individual and personal perspectives.”

Contributions will be shown on the website as photos, videos and stories. On social media, entries for the day will be posted using the tags #worldflourday and #futureofflour.

The founder of the yearly event, the FlourWorld Museum in Wittenburg near Hamburg, Germany, holds the world’s largest collection of flour sacks, over 3,800 of them from 140 countries. “Flour.Power.Life is the unifying idea under which the sacks portray the traditions, history and myths of flour. The museum and World Flour Day are dedicated to flour and the millers of the world, who supply humanity with flour every day,” the announcement detailed.

Photos: FlourWorld Museum Wittenburg