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MECATHERM brings M-Care to IBIE 2022

Among the solutions MECATHERM is presenting at IBIE, new digital services will debut, providing tools to help optimize process efficiency. The French specialist shared their latest technology updates and IBIE preparations ahead of the exhibition in September.

Q: What solutions are you highlighting at IBIE?

During IBIE 2022, MECATHERM will highlight the M-Care, a new digital solution enabling industrial bakers to optimize their industrial performance. Visitors will have the possibility to see live demonstrations at the show.

From vertical ovens to flexible production lines, MECATHERM will also explain how their solutions enable industrial bakers to face the market challenges in terms of product quality, industrial performance and sustainability.

The Mecaflex line

Q: What are the new technology innovations or updates they incorporate?

In a complex market context, with challenges of labor shortage and supply chain tension, anticipation and agility become even more essential. MECATHERM will unveil how innovative digital services better support industrial bakers to face the complex market context and increase their agility. Accessible with a smartphone or tablet, M-Care is an innovative intuitive interface helping to identify drifts, prevent breakdowns and machine failures, and provide comfort and simplicity to operators and maintenance teams for first-level maintenance operations. Most of the new MECATHERM ovens are ‘M-Care ready’.

Launched at IBIE in 2019, the smart and responsive MECAFLEX line, which integrates the flexible M-TA tunnel oven and the M-UB handling system, is offering the possibility to produce a large range of products, produced using different process combinations with trays of varied types and formats. The aim is to easily adapt production to meet constantly changing market challenges and consumer demand for new products.

The M-TA tunnel oven

The flexible M-TA oven from MECATHERM can offer multiple heat transfer modes, such as convection or radiant heat, or a combination of both in each independent heating zones. By providing just the right quantity of required energy in a minimum baking time to reach the required product quality criteria, this oven offers an optimal energy consumption solution.

The M-UB handling system has been designed to be adaptable and flexible, whatever the product type, production volumes and constraints imposed by industrial facilities.

MECATHERM will also highlight the benefits of using vertical ovens, such as the FMPII, with its compact design, its ease of use and its ability to optimize energy efficiency – features designed to optimize the overall operations costs.

Q: What markets/product segments are in your focus?

The M-UB system

MECATHERM’s mission is to simplify the life of industrial bakers and pastry chefs, by guaranteeing them product quality, industrial performance and a lasting commitment that meets their expectations. To support manufacturers in the face of market challenges, MECATHERM designs, produces and installs equipment (make-up lines, ovens, coolers, freezers) and automatic production lines for customers in the bakery and pastry sector.

More than 880 automatic production lines are currently operating in over 70 countries on five continents. The production lines offer an hourly production rate starting from 700 kg of dough, producing a range of products adapted to manufacturers’ requirements: baked, pre-baked, chilled unbaked, pre-proofed, and frozen baked or pre-baked products.

Photos: MECATHERM (main photo: the M-Care interface)

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