IBIE 2022: A guide to exhibitor stands

As the highly-anticipated Baking Expo is approaching, exhibitors are preparing their stands to once again welcome visitors to the trade fair in Las Vegas. We asked some of the industry’s big players for a glimpse into the novelties we can expect.

Here are some of the stands worth exploring:

IPCO showcases Rotoform chocolate forming system at IBIE

IBIE 2022: Latest MIWE roll-in e+ takes center stage

AMF brings sustainability solutions to IBIE

VMI brings Phebus mixer to IBIE 2022

IBIE 2022: ABI LTD to showcase automation, robotics, vision platform

MECATHERM brings M-Care to IBIE 2022

IBIE 2022: Dawn Foods to unveil 2023 global trends

Kwik Lok brings sustainability focus to IBIE

RBS will feature new snack systems and technologies at IBIE

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Photo: IBIE