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IBIE 2022: ABI LTD to showcase automation, robotics, vision platform

At IBIE 2022, ABI LTD will be showcasing its automation solutions, robotic scoring system, and vision system platform. The Canadian specialist in automated bakery equipment will exhibit a robotic scoring system at the show, for live demonstrations. The company will be also highlighting its vision system that is used in many ABI robotic solutions.

ABI will also share a vision platform it recently developed specifically for the bakery industry that addresses gaps found in the conventional vision systems, the company says.

New technology innovations

The vision system is a platform that can collect, compile, and analyze multiple image sources in real-time, providing comprehensive visual data that guides robots to execute the desired actions. It makes robotic solutions precise and consistent when performing operations such as dough handling, scoring, product assembly, and packaging.

In addition to robotic applications, the ABI vision system can also be used for inspection and quality control. Using machine learning algorithms, the platform can determine which products are ‘good’ and ‘bad’, identify the product defects, and alert operators so they take corrective actions. It is also possible for the system to communicate with upstream and downstream equipment to automatically make adjustments to the process. The vision system is adaptable to various applications and collects large amounts of data that provide operators and bakeries with actionable insights into their production process.

Robotic scoring

ABI’s robotic scoring system is featuring a new cutting capability, with waterjet technology. It adds to conventional and ultrasonic scoring solutions the company has.

Markets and product segments

The company’s portfolio includes solutions for dough makeup and handling, product handling and assembly, and packaging, focusing on automating processes. ABI also develops conveying and robotic solutions for product handling and packaging.

In January 2021, TMG (Together Means Greater) acquired a majority stake in ABI LTD.  The French-based company also owns MECATHERM.

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Photos: ABI LTD