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Koenig introduces new I Rex Compact EC at IBIE

Koenig will introduce a new Rex machine at IBIE this year, the I Rex Compact EC (Easy Clean design). It incorporates the I-Rex Compact EC Divider and Rounder: “In this machine, a completely new structure was built. “The head machine has only one load-bearing end shield, the one on the drive side. It is possible to open the cover of this head machine on three sides at the same time, offering the user the best possible access for cleaning and maintenance. All relevant components can be removed on the operator side,” the company explains.

Koenig will present its latest head machine for dividing and rounding with a weight range from 1 up to 7 oz (30 to 200 g) – addressing small and medium, as well as industrial bakeries. The newly-designed machine provides an industrial performance (14,400 pcs/h at 40 strokes/min) in a compact design.

The specialist is focusing its efforts on solutions for “Bakeries that concentrate on producing large amounts and excellent product quality but are not within the industry segment. And vice versa: smaller industrial companies, producing over 15,000 pcs./hour,” Koenig shares.

Photo: Koenig

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