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RBS will feature new snack systems and technologies at IBIE

Reading Bakery Systems (RBS) will feature new snack systems and technologies at IBIE (Booths 3425, 3435):

  • Multi-Crisp System – this flexible system produces baked crisps from a variety of different doughs. “This flexible system is perfect for making “healthier-for-you” snacks, including the newest product – the pita chip,” RBS says.
  • Advanced WCX Wirecut Machine – this machine can create the widest variety of cookies including multi-color dough, filled cookies and bars and encapsulated cookies.
  • Ovens of the Future – Sustainability is a big initiative at RBS, with efforts specifically focused on ovens. “Learn about our electric oven options and how we are ‘Baking for a Better Tomorrow’,” RBS invites. “At RBS, we’ve created ‘baking for a better tomorrow’ solutions by focusing on new product and system innovation, meaning the ability and processes to bake new products, sustainability that creates baking, functional and manufacturing efficiencies and automation that improves throughput quality, consistency and reliability.”
  • Automated Continuous Mixing – The RBS Exact Mixing booth (3435) will feature automated continuous mixing systems that cut costs by reducing labor, energy and mixing errors, while improving consistency and simplifying your entire mixing process. Among them is new Hydobond instant hydration technology. “Now more than ever, with the labor, energy and cost-containment issues, automation is the key to future success,” says RBS.

“There are so many innovations to see in our two booths. At RBS booth 3425, we will run a new advanced wirecut machine that can make an incredibly wide variety of cookies, bars and filled products. We will also focus on sustainability efforts that include our electric ovens, sanitary design program, alternate fuels, thermal insulating materials and an online eZone parts and service portal. We have a new snack products area where we will feature innovative products including pita chips, filled snacks and new seasoned pretzels. In the Exact Mixing booth #3435, we will display three unique continuous mixers, and our new Hydobond instant hydration technology that cut costs by reducing labor and errors,” RBS shares.

The company has recently added sales and service teammates in Europe and the Middle / East Africa regions to better serve new and existing customers in these regions. 

Photo: Reading Bakery Systems

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