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MECATHERM showcases sustainability focus at interpack

MECATHERM will introduce its latest advances to tackle the sustainability and digitalization challenges in the manufacturing of baking and sweet goods. The French specialist will showcase its complete solutions at the show, focusing on solutions to optimize energy efficiency, a new, easy-to-clean oven dedicated to delicate products, and its latest digital solutions.

MECATHERM prioritizes the development of solutions that enable manufacturers to reduce energy consumption, resulting in fewer carbon emissions and reducing the overall environmental impact of baking activities, the company highlights. At interpack, MECATHERM’s experts will share insights on how to achieve energy savings, looking at oven designs and ways of operating them. Baking optimization using convection technology will also be highlighted, either as the main heating mode (vertical ovens), in combination with radiant heating (M-TA and FTM Ovens), or as an option in a specific heating zone (FTP Oven).

Moreover, many MECATHERM ovens are compatible with an electric heating source. This not only prevents CO2 emissions but also optimizes energy consumption, as it does not emit any fumes.

“In today’s world, our customers are increasingly demanding sustainable solutions to grow their businesses responsibly. At MECATHERM, we are highly committed to supporting these ambitions. We are continuously investing in and developing innovative solutions to help our customers reach long-term success while minimizing their impact on the environment. We are also convinced that digital evolution, combined with our high level of expertise, will support and accelerate the changes needed to shape the future. It has always been in MECATHERM’s DNA to make manufacturers’ lives easier. Through strong cooperation, they can continue relying on us and build competitive advantages in this changing world,” says Raymond Nogael, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at TMG.

New M-DAN oven

MECATHERM is launching the new M-DAN oven, which was specifically designed to overcome hygiene challenges, while being easy to access, clean and operate. The new oven can be washed down without corrosion risks. It can be used for baking a wide range of products, from salty goods to dairy desserts, pastries and products with liquid fillings – with easy changeovers.


The company will also showcase the M-Care predictive analytics solution that helps detect anomalies (such as drifts) in equipment early and provides operators guidance for easy initial maintenance checks to optimize machine availability. It is designed to provide easy-to-understand information so that operators can intervene quickly by following step-by-step instructions. Most of the new MECATHERM equipment is already M-Care ready today, the company explains. When the operator opens an alert ticket, they have direct access to the documentation required to help them diagnose the problem and resolve it. If the problem persists, the application sets up direct contact with MECATHERM’s technical support team.


MECATHERM will also present its MECAFLEX Line, which includes the M-TA Tunnel Oven and the M-UB Handling System to produce a wide range of products from different process combinations with diverse baking tray types and formats.

Photo: M-Care interface. Credit: MECATHERM