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MECATHERM to unveil new vertical oven at iba

In October, MECATHERM will launch at iba new solutions including its new M-VT vertical oven for bakery, pastry and patisserie products, its new M-RT molder designed for crusty breads, as well as solutions that help optimize energy consumption for production lines. MECATHERM will exhibit together with its sister company, ABI LTD.

The M-VT vertical oven

The M-VT vertical oven is suitable for baking a wide range of products, combining ease of operation and energy efficiency, according to its manufacturer: “The new M-VT vertical oven guarantees a high level of industrial performance and product quality, while reducing energy consumption. The M-VT oven’s connectivity will also enable data collection and processing, providing a performance report and/or monitoring energy consumption while making it easier to use and maintain on a daily basis via integrated digital tools.”

“With the new compact M-VT oven, MECATHERM is affirming its commitment to continuing and accelerating its efforts in response to the increasingly complex global challenges of sustainable development,” said Raymond Nogael, Vice President, Marketing, Business Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at TMG.  

Production line efficiency

MECATHERM will also highlight its solutions for production line energy efficiency, aimed at lowering greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, such an energy recovery solution incorporated into the oven that helps reuse energy on the production line, a new system of automated management for the oven hygrometry, and a smart cooling system to reduce energy consumption during the cooling stage.

“For MECATHERM, setting an example in energy transition is an important way to help our customers consume less and better, over the entire lifecycle of the equipment. Greenhouse gas emissions in our carbon footprint are mainly recorded during line use (98%), with the baking phase being the most energy-consuming. It’s important to take a global approach with all the players in the industry if we are to progress successfully – all while driving enhanced understanding and innovative thinking on the scale of a complete line,” added Raymond Nogael.

A molder for crusty products

The new M-RT molder can shape hydrated doughs.

MECATHERM will also launch its new M-RT molder, enabling the molding of pointed doughs with various water ratios. It guarantees the production of high-quality crusty breads, thanks to a molding operation that closely resembles the artisanal method.

Pictured above: caked baked with the M-VT vertical oven. Photos: MECATHERM