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OREO launches limited-edition Space Dunk cookies
OREO Space Dunk Cookies

Mondelēz is releasing a new galaxy-inspired limited-edition OREO range, available for presale starting January 23 at The cookies feature two layers of blue and pink ‘cosmic crème’ with marshmallow flavor, and popping candies for a ‘supernova bursting sensation with each bite’. The space-themed cookies also each feature one of five galactic embossments and, for the first time in OREO cookie history, a small cut out in the cookie itself, through which the colorful crème can be seen.

Starting on January 23, fans can scan the QR code on a pack OREO Space Dunk cookies for entry details or enter the Lift Off with OREO sweepstakes online for a chance to embark on a six-hour journey to the edge of space in Space Perspective’s Spaceship Neptune – a pressurized capsule propelled gently by a SpaceBalloon™. Space Perspective’s reimagined spaceflight experience will allow the winner to enjoy views of planet Earth with no special training required, no weightlessness and no heavy g-forces, Mondelēz shared details about the marketing campaign.

“OREO cookies are all about transporting fans to a place full of excitement and childlike curiosity,” said Michelle Deignan, Vice President, OREO, US. “We’re over the moon about partnering with Space Perspective to give one lucky fan the opportunity to dunk an OREO cookie while gliding through space. Through this campaign we hope to take playfulness to new heights, proving it is not only in all of us, but also exists in space.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with the iconic OREO brand to be the first to bring a cookie fan aboard a Space Perspective flight,” said Jane Poynter, Founder and Co-CEO, Space Perspective. “Together, we have put innovation, accessibility, playfulness and the spirit of exploration at the heart of this partnership – not to mention taking OREO cookies where they’ve never gone before! Space Perspective is on a mission to bring space travel to more people than ever. We can’t wait to welcome the winner into our growing community of Explorers who will all safely experience a life-changing journey and return with a new perspective on our planet and humanity. Through this program, we are amplifying our mission to bring accessible space tourism to the world.”

Space Perspective’s Spaceship Neptune, which comprises a pressurized capsule propelled by a giant SpaceBalloon™, offers a ‘safe and transformative six-hour journey to the edge of space’: “Those who fly with Space Perspective, which is being regulated by the FAA and follows guidelines established by NASA and the U.S. Coast Guard, enjoy unprecedented views of our planet through the largest windows ever flown to space, a world-class meal and cocktail service, Wi-Fi, and lavatory – all from the world’s first Space Lounge. Based on Florida’s Space Coast, Space Perspective was founded by human spaceflight veterans Jane Poynter and Taber MacCallum, who met as original crew members in Biosphere 2 and previously founded World View and Paragon Space Development Corporation. Space Perspective’s team more broadly has been instrumental in the development of every U.S. human spacecraft for the past 40 years,” according to the announcement.

An estimated 500 billion OREO® cookies have been sold since the first OREO® biscuit was developed in 1912.


Photo: Mondelēz International