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Pizza Hut launches pizza with momos in India

Pizza Hut launched a pizza with momos in India, called ‘Momo Mia’, a fusion of two beloved
dishes. Pizza Hut’s signature pan pizza has been topped with spicy schezwan sauce and has street-style momos in its crust. Pizza Hut is also introducing their first
Baked Cheesy Momos. Both
Momo Mia Pizza and Baked Cheesy Momos are available in vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants. The new entries are available for ordering via Pizza Hut’s mobile app or website for delivery and takeaway, as well as in restaurants.

Developed to meet taste preferences in India, Momo Mia Pizza’s vegetarian variant has a crunchy pan pizza base, with toppings of capsicum, onion and sweet corn, as well as mixed vegetable and paneer momos. The non-vegetarian variant comes with with chicken momos around the edges. Pizza Hut has created a unique sauce recipe for the Momo Mia Pizza with schezwan flavors.

The Baked Cheesy Momos will come with street-style mixed vegetable and paneer momos or chicken momos at the base, topped with mayonnaise sauce and spicy schezwan sauce, and mozzarella

“During the pandemic, we found that consumers are longing for desi street style food and momos emerged as the dish they were craving most, after gol gappas. This led to multiple experiments and we finally perfected Momo Mia’s recipe, which is truly a foodie’s dream come true. We are excited to see consumer reactions to this Epic combination of two much loved stalwarts – Momos & Pizzas,” said Neha, chief marketing officer, Pizza Hut India.

In June 1996, Pizza Hut launched in India with a restaurant in Bangalore and was the first international restaurant chain to debut this category. In 2020, Pizza Hut India was recognized as the 18th best, most trusted brand in the country by Campaign Asia. Pizza Hut India also won international accolades at Vega International Awards 2017 for Innovative and Experimental Marketing and the First QSR chain in India to go hyperlocal; and EFFIE Gold in the Foods and Confectionery category in 2018.