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Renaissance BioScience awarded grant for yeast-based solution

Renaissance BioScience is working on developing a yeast-based solution to address the prevalent challenge of off-flavors and aromas in plant-based protein products. For this project, Renaissance has been awarded CAD 232,000 in funding from the Canadian Food Innovation Network (CFIN). The result will be clean label and non-GMO, and will neutralize compounds that lead to off-flavors and undesirable aromas in plant-based flours and proteins.

Renaissance addresses the plant-based protein flavor challenge by applying its clean-label, non-GMO yeast technology that uses natural fermentation. The company previously applied its yeast bioengineering expertise to reduce the presence of the off-aroma contaminant hydrogen sulfide in a range of out-licensed wine and beer yeast strains.

This plant-based project has the support of Pulse Canada, and Renaissance is also collaborating with food industry partners to ensure the yeast’s effectiveness and efficiency in commercial settings.

To support the commercialization of this technology, the Government of Canada’s International Trade Commissioner Service has included Renaissance in its 2024 Food Technologies Canadian Technology Accelerator program. This initiative connects Canadian corporations with export, investment, and partnership opportunities in global markets.

According to Protein Industries Canada 2023 market projections, the worldwide plant-based protein market is expected to grow from USD 40 billion in 2021 to potentially more than USD 200 billion by 2035.

Dr. John Husnik, Renaissance’s CSO and Office of the CEO, commented on the project: “We’re excited to receive this funding from CFIN and to be accepted into the 2024 Food Technologies Canadian Technology Accelerator program for our clean-label, non-GMO yeast technology. Our team is confident that we can neutralize the off-aromas and flavors in plant-based protein foods, and we look forward to mutually beneficial outcomes for our company, our partners, and plant-based food makers around the world. Our innovative yeast platform technology will contribute to Canada’s growing role as a global leader in plant-based foods and sustainable protein innovation.”


Photo: Renaissance BioScience