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RONDO launches Smart Bread Line

RONDO announced the official launch of its most recent automated line for bread production. The new Smart Bread Line was designed to meet a production capacity of up to 1,000 kg of dough processed per hour and to increase the range of bread products that can be made on a single line.

Different line configurations with various modules allow for the production of a wide range of bread products (cut, stamped, molded, rounded and gluten-free). “This modularity is combined with stress-free dough handling technology. This allows you to process even high-hydration and pre-fermented doughs with a strong control over the dough structure,” RONDO explains.

Automated round molding with RONDObot

The round molding system RONDObot is incorporated into this automated bread line. The system can process highly hydrated dough with long resting times. It is suitable for round breads and rolls of various weights, shapes and sizes.

The machine will be introduced at iba in Munich.

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Photo: RONDO