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Seggiano launches all natural, vegan panettone

Italian food specialist Seggiano is meeting the growing demand for vegan products with a new artisan panettone with natural ingredients. Seggiano Vegan Panettone is baked in small batches by award-winning panettone master baker Beniamino in his small Italian family bakery. The company announced that it is made without industrial emulsifiers, stabilizers, binders, or preservatives. 

This vegan panettone recipe is created with cocoa butter, candied fruit paste, natural vanilla, linseed flour and turmeric to add fragrance, moisture and color. The dough is naturally leavened using the bakery’s 33-year-old mother yeast. The result is a light and authentic aromatic panettone, Seggiano details.

“We are incredibly excited to be able to offer a panettone that everyone can enjoy this Christmas,” says David Harrison, co-founder of Seggiano. “This is a delicious recipe that’s lovingly made using the authentic artisan techniques and clean ingredients that are the hallmark of any product in the Seggiano portfolio. As well as being free from industrial additives, preservatives and emulsifiers, the recipe features sulfite-free candied fruits and healthy high oleic oil to deliver a superior quality panettone with unrivaled taste in the vegan cake category.”

The new Vegan Panettone will be available this Christmas, RRP GBP 16.75 for 500g.