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SternEnzym to present custom enzyme solutions at iba

Stern-Enzym is presenting enzyme systems for the baked goods industry at iba. The solutions target sustainability, health, the economy and the latest consumer trends. With its latest developments, SternEnzym wants to meet current trends including sugar reduction and gluten-free products. It will highlight a crunchy wafer spread with sweet cocoa creme or fruity strawberry creme. These wafer combinations are accompanied by a sweet and sour cream cheese preparation, to illustrate their versatility.

Wafer manufacturers in particular can benefit from SternEnzym’s expertise: the company will present a wide range of custom-tailored enzyme solutions that improve quality, economy, and production efficiency. In the company’s own wafer lab, enzyme designers develop individual solutions for industrial wafer production, working from a versatile toolbox of enzymes and adapting them to customer needs.

Preserving product freshness is another focus. Enzymes help to optimize the elasticity and softness of the crumb so that the bread remains fresh for a long time.

Enzymes also play an important role in durable baked goods and confections. For example, they can prevent cracks in biscuits, significantly reduce energy costs for wafer production, and even reduce the formation of potentially hazardous acrylamide. If the ideal flour varieties are not available or are too expensive, special enzymes enable adaptation for the optimum form stability, browning, and texture of baked goods.

Photo: SternEnzym