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südback Trend Award winners are announced

The winners of the 2022 südback Trend Award have been chosen, in the categories of marketing, raw materials and technology.

  • Marketing, sales and organization: the winner is Keil Konzepte with ‘Mini Böxle – the world’s smallest and fully functioning bakery branch’ – a transportable, sustainable and flexible sales unit equipped with everything a mini shop requires, including a store room and sanitary facilities. Using a low loader and a heavy-duty crane, the sales unit can be set up flexibly at another location without any construction measures.
  • Raw materials & convenience: The French manufacturer Boiron Frères made a big impression with its new ‘AMBIENT FRUIT PURÉES’, available in nine flavors. They do not contain any added sugar, aroma additives or preservatives, and still have a unique fruit taste, Messe Stuttgart describes. These fruit purées do not have to be cooled, they explain, which makes their processing much easier. The purées are offered in 1-liter Tetra packs.
  • Technology: Va-Q-tec AG wins in this category, with its ‘Va-Q-tray’, a reusable thermal system box. Thanks to their special insulation with high-temperature stability, the innovative trays ensure temperature-controlled transport of dough products or other baked goods. If necessary, the boxes can be equipped with additional cold packs. They feature integrated carrying recesses, can easily be stacked and have a standardized Eurobox size, which allows them to be combined with other commercially available transport boxes. And they can also be cleaned in washing tunnels.  

The südback Trend Award has been held at südback since 2005 and is being presented this year for the 13th time. “I and my jury colleagues were delighted to receive around 60 entries,” said Prof. Michael Kleinert, Chairman of the südback Trend Award jury, and Director of the Institute for Food and Beverage Innovation (ILGI) at the Grüental Campus in Wädenswil (Switzerland). As a qualified master baker and with a degree in food engineering, he is intensively involved with bread. “It was not easy for us to choose the winners from a large number of first-class products and technical solutions. The high number of entries is further confirmation of the importance of südback for the industry.” The award-winning innovations can be seen in the halls at Messe Stuttgart from 22 to 25 October 2022.  

Pictured: The jury and organization of the südback Trend Award (from left to right): Frank Sautter, Regional Association of Guilds of Württemberg Bakers; Ricarda Warth, Messe Stuttgart (organisation); Ulrike Sailer-Keil, Bäckerei Konditorei Sailer GmbH; Jean-Pierre Nachtsheim, BÄKO Head Office; Lynn Esenwein, Allgemeine Bäckerzeitung; Falk Steins, BÄKO Magazine; Karin Becker, Baden-Württemberg Regional Association of Confectioners’ Guilds; Jochen Baier, Bäckerei Baier; Prof. Michael Kleinert, Institute for Food and Beverage Innovation (ILGI); Tobias Pfaff, Bakers’ College in Stuttgart.

Photo copyright: Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH