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Syntegon launches vertical bagging series

Syntegon announced the launch of four machines for common vertical form, fill and seal applications at interpack. Two SVX variants, SVX Agile and SVX Duplex, were presented at the interpack booth, which will be launched this year along with two other SVX models.

The SVX Agile covers all basic tubular bag styles and can be upgraded with modules for corner sealed bags, 3-sided seal bags, doy-style, and doy zip bags. In addition, the SVX Duplex features two film lanes on the same 1,220 mm wide frame, leading to higher output rates for basic bag styles such as pillow, gusseted and block bottom bags, Syntegon explains.

The novelty of all SVX variants is a cross-seal drive consisting of four independently controlled servo motors. The solution has pending patents, enabling full control over vertical and horizontal movement with the use of four motors and low inertia. The novel series can produce bags that are up to 400 millimeters wide.

“The new VFFS machine series combines high pack style flexibility with intuitive functionalities, giving frozen food, bakery, confectionery, and snacks producers a leg up on the competition,” explains Martin Boutkan, product manager at Syntegon.

Photo: Syntegon