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UK: Gluten-free shoppers have fewer food choices

Consumers struggled to find gluten-free goods and faced price increases over the past six months: 87% of 1,891 gluten-free shoppers surveyed said they experienced there were fewer gluten-free products available, according to research done by Coeliac UK. An overwhelming majority (92%) also observed prices increased for this product segment.

Coeliac UK director of fundraising and commercial services, Helen North, was quoted by The Grocer saying that supermarkets needed “to ensure they keep prioritizing product ranges and aisle space for what is a sustainably growing market”.

Analysis by The Grocer earlier this year found prices for free-from ambient bakery, for instance, rose 4.7% per kg in the 52 weeks to 18 April, with average prices for branded products up 5.8% [Kantar]. Brits spent an extra GBP496.1m in the free-from aisle over the past year, the publication says.

The Association recommends a Gluten-Free Food Checker App it has developed, which helps identify nearly 200,000 food products to find which are suitable for gluten-free diets. The app also includes a barcode scanner, lists of ingredients and nutritional information for products, and ready-made product lists. It can also take into account other dietary requirements.