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UK: Research for healthier white bread

Scientists are working on developing a new type of bread that has wholemeal health benefits while looking and tasting like white bread. The researchers plan to add small amounts of peas, beans and cereals to the bread mix, as well as bran and wheat germ that are normally removed from white flour, BBC reports, noting that similar attempts that added brand into the mix were not successful with consumers.

The research is in an early stage: scientists are now analyzing the detailed chemical composition of existing white flour, BBC quotes Dr. Catherine Howarth of Aberystwyth University, one of the leaders of the study. The researchers are expecting a “delicate balancing act”, which should be perfected by adding back smaller quantities of the wheat germ and part of the bran that is taken out in the milling process, as well as adding other grains that are richer in vitamins, minerals and fiber such as quinoa, teff, sorghum and millet. Green peas and chickpeas would provide extra protein.

“We want to find out exactly what vitamins and minerals are lost during the milling process,” Dr. Howarth is quoted by the news outlet. “Using other cereals we can enhance the iron, zinc and vitamin levels and most importantly the fiber content, because white bread has very little fiber, which is so important for good health.”

Chris Holister, a product development manager for Gloucestershire flour producer Shipton Mill, will produce the recipes that show potential, once they are developed. The new products will be tested for consumer acceptance.


Photo: Pexels