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UK: Supply chain issues for Greggs
Freshly baked tasty sausage rolls on cooling rack, top view

British bakery chain Greggs is experiencing supply chain shortages sparked by ‘temporary interruptions’ to suppliers following the heavy goods vehicle driver crisis affecting the UK.

The British bakery chain had anticipated it would not be able to provide an uninterrupted supply of popular snacks including its vegan sausage rolls in several stores across the UK. In addition, Greggs CEO Roger Whiteside warned last month that the business was taking a hit caused by staffing and supply chain pressure. A combination of factors led to this, combined consequences of the pandemic and Brexit. “Some shops may not have them or may not have them throughout the day. It varies,” a spokesperson for Greggs was quoted in the local press. The company announced it was making efforts to mitigate the disruption.

Stores in London were affected, with branches in Twickenham, Richmond and Earls Court out of vegan sausage rolls in the first half of the week ending November 21. The company’s new outlet in Canary Wharf was out of the product on Tuesday and Wednesday and the South Woodford branch had none on Wednesday.