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UK vegan sweet bakery market on the rise

A new UK report by Baker & Baker shows significant opportunity for growth in the vegan sweet bakery market segment. The research included in the report titled ‘Bakery Bites – the rise of the flexitarian: the growing interest in vegan sweet bakery products’ was undertaken by FMCG Gurus.

It involved a survey of 1,000 UK consumers and was undertaken in Q2, 2022. The standout finding is that there is continued rapid growth among flexitarians: a total of 34% of consumers across the UK say that they follow a diet around the avoidance or moderation of animal-based products, an increase compared to the 28% of people who stated that two years earlier.

When asked: “Why would you be more likely to purchase a sweet bakery product if it carried a vegan-friendly claim?”, the top three reasons consumers gave outside of diet were:

  • better for the environment
  • fewer bad ingredients
  • more natural / less processed

In addition, in response to the question: “You state that you would be less likely to purchase a sweet bakery product if it carried a vegan-friendly claim. Why is this?”, the top three answers (excluding diet) consumers gave were:

  • taste
  • a lack of understanding of veganism
  • price

“We’ve launched the Bakery Bites report concept at a time when so much is happening within the bakery sector, with the aim of sharing insights across the industry”, said Helen Sinclair, UK marketing manager at Baker & Baker, in an announcement. “The first Bakery Bites report focuses on the vegan sweet bakery market, and the findings highlight a significant opportunity for bakeries, food service operators and retailers who offer quality vegan products that do not compromise on taste.” She noted that flexitarian and vegan diets will continue to grow.

New Bakery Bites reports will be published throughout 2022 and 2023, the bakery announced.

Photo: Lina Kivaka (Pexels)