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Vicky Foods achieves EUR 536 million turnover

Vicky Foods reported a turnover of EUR 536 million in 2022, a 32.3% growth compared with the results achieved in 2021. Last year, the Spanish group boosted its production volume by 6% – to a total of 203,000 tons, Revista info retail reports. Bread is its main product category, with 58% of the total volumes produced. Vicky Foods reports a 12% year-on-year increase in production volume in the bread division in 2022, according to the local news outlet.

The company produces more than 200 different types of baked goods and pastries including packaged bread under the Dulcesol brand, which are sold in 50 countries.

Vicky Foods’ newer brand, Hermanos Juan, was launched in 2017 and works with restaurant professionals and bakeries with an offering including frozen dough for pastries, bread and snacks.

The company introduced a new brand in April, Il Forno di Giovanni, with a product portfolio including pizza, mini pizzas and baguettes. The brand is said to combine “different varieties of adapted Italian recipes, a careful production process, the best raw materials and the most advanced technology to achieve high-quality products with the most authentic flavors,” Financial Food quotes the company.

Investments at Vicky Foods rose by 7.7% in 2022, to over EUR 21 million.

The Spanish company doubled its photovoltaic panels last year, compared to the year before. It was also granted the ‘Zero Waste’ verification granted by EQA, which certifies that Vicky Foods values ​​99.98% of the waste it generates in its factories in Gandía and Villalonga, Revista info retail adds.

Photo: Vicky Foods Twitter