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World Flour Day 2022 highlights human connection
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Flour will be celebrated as a staple foodstuff worldwide on March 20. The theme ‘flour and people’ reflects a focus on the personal significance of flour, individually. The commemorative day was initiated by the FlourWorld Museum three years ago. Joint baking events will celebrate how flour connects people around the world.

This year, World Flour Day will be celebrated under the motto ‘Flour and People – Flour means the world to us’. “We want to encourage millers, bakers, confectioners and pasta makers to tell people what this staple food means to them personally,” explains initiator Carsten Blum. All proto and video stories will be collected on www.worldflourday, to create an overview of the role flour plays around the globe. In social media, entries for the day will be posted under #worldflourday. “This year again we’re calling on all mills to celebrate World Flour Day and contribute to it in many creative ways,” Blum said.

March 20 also marks the middle of the equinox, the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, symbolizing the time of planting, while in the Southern Hemisphere it marks autumn and the harvest.

The FlourWorld Museum will present a special flour sack that brings the motto of this year’s World Flour Day into visual focus. Located in Wittenburg, near Hamburg, Germany, it holds the world’s largest collection of flour sacks, with over 3,700 sacks from 140 countries.