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Backaldrin proposes chickpea as all-rounder

backaldrin is focusing on everything chickpea with its new developments in December, for its benefits for various types of bread and pastries. There are also opportunities for those with a sweet tooth, with the Quick’n Easy for liquid yeast dough.

“The legume is one of the plant foods richest in protein. It is also rich in fiber and minerals, making it an important ingredient in home cooking. With the chickpea mix, which offers a unique combination of chickpea and sesame flour, you can let the taste of the Orient work its magic in your baked goods,” backaldrin notes.

With the Quick’n Easy for liquid yeast dough, complex work steps that would be required for the traditional production of yeast dough are no longer necessary. In addition, the dough becomes pumpable, which helps when producing large quantities, and it remains fluffy and stable, which makes it particularly suitable in combination with fruit, the company explains.

Photo: backaldrin