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Baker & Baker launches Halloween donut

Baker & Baker launched a limited-edition donut targeting Halloween on the UK market, the ‘Cocoa Orange Boomie’. It follows a successful launch in Europe, initially in Germany, before being rolled out in France and Spain. The colorful product aims at boosting sales in the growing product segment. The new donuts will be available from September for a limited time.

The Cocoa Orange Boomie is said to offer a new flavor combination with a 12pt. cocoa filling, covered in orange-flavored icing and dark cocoa icing waves. It is produced with certified palm oil, and with no artificial preservatives, flavors, or colorings. A box contains 48 frozen Boomies weighing 77g each.  They are thawed at room temperature for 90 minutes before serving. After thawing, they can be sold without refrigeration, with a shelf-life of up to three days.

“The Boomies launch is a good example of how we respond to consumer trends with innovative products under the indulgence claim”, comments Helen Sinclair, UK marketing manager at Baker & Baker. “New quality products are an important part of how we are helping our customers to maintain sales during the current challenging market conditions.”

Photo: Baker & Baker