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baking+biscuit issue 2020-05

Mecatherm, French manufacturer of industrial ovens and production lines, has signed a partnership with American ABI Ltd, a specialist in bagel makeup equipment. Together they are planning to market an industrial bagel line. baking+biscuit international investigates further.

Although eating habits are tending to be more similar throughout the world, differences, originating in local traditions, still remain from one continent to the next. In the world of bread and baking, this is also the same.

Deep-fried biscuits have long since ceased to be a seasonal product, as – freshly prepared – they are a customer magnet. Opelka is presenting a combination of the individual production steps that provide flexibility and make savings on personnel and floor space.

New wood-fired oven baking plant for Coop

Wood-baked bread is right on trend – particularly for Coop customers in Switzerland.

Small baked goods production: Innovative dough dividing, forming and depositing in a single step with the FS 520 forming system.

Universal Pastry Line: The Next Generation

A pain au chocolat at breakfast, a Danish pastry with coffee, a pasty for lunch – indulgent moments that everyone loves. For over twenty years, Rademaker’s Universal Make up line ranging from a laminator or bread line has made the production of a wide range of dough products possible to tickle the taste buds.


The COVID-19 crisis, the lockdown period and all the measures taken to limit the spread of the virus have led to considerable disruption and fear, touching every aspect of business and social life.


Cleaning of crates and sheets

Transport crates for baked goods do not appear to differ much at first sight. They only vary in color, weight and height. However, when it comes to cleaning the crates, the situation is very different. This means that the expectations on a washing plant are many and varied.


Branch bakeries in Germany have suffered losses, with some affected severely due to Coronavirus. baking+biscuit international’s Editor Helga Baumfalk spoke with Thomas Prangemeier (CFO) and Hans Fux (COO) about the situation and the effects the pandemic has had on Kamps GmbH.