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baking+biscuit issue 2022-01
In the spotlight

Puratos has been guiding its strategy in line with the findings of its ‘Taste Tomorrow’ study, an extensive consumer research program undertaken every two years. It is now regularly updated as findings guide decisions to fast-paced consumer changes, the company’s new CEO, Pierre Tossut, shared with us.


Smart devices are quickly becoming an indispensable part of life inside the baking shop as they are on the outside. For in-store ovens, smart tools are being developed to make them more efficient and easier to operate for consistent results. Some of the industry’s leading technology suppliers share their solutions.


On-the-go or in home offices, nothing seems to be able to slow snacking down. Snacks are also increasingly the preferred option over regular mealtimes. Together with the hunger to snack, however, the demand for more diverse, healthier and tastier products also grows. Flexible technology is needed for the task.

With a growing trend for health-conscious eating, product innovation relies on flexible equipment to perfect bakery products. Now snack manufacturers have that flexibility in a new automated solution to make pita chips, developed by Reading Bakery Systems (RBS).

From viennoiserie to Danish pastry, and any number of hybrid, new creations, laminated dough is the path to the sought-after airy, light layers. Gentle dough stretching and folding is a must, however, there is by no means a one-size-fits-all approach to the process. Tried and tested laminating methods and line setups can accommodate flexibility and consistency in results.

raw materials

With consumers wanting simpler ingredients to make a comeback, it is still important to them that their favorite baked products should also maintain all the convenient benefits they have learned to rely on, including long life and great taste. R&D creates the balance allowing bakery fillings to check all the boxes.


From February 2022 onwards, Therese M lk will be using green hydrogen (H2) for the first time, for thermal utilization, and for baking bread. By doing this, the bakery subsidiary of the Austrian food retailer MPREIS is probably breaking new ground worldwide.

“What is your position on the use of hydrogen technology to fuel ovens in bakeries?” This is the question we put to oven manufacturers in Europe and the USA. The WP Bakerygroup, Reading Bakery Systems and the Bühler Group came back with their statements.


How clean-label goods with simple ingredients are maintaining popularity and profit. “I’m going to start eating cleaner.”


The Polish bakery NOWEL set its sights high in 2020 and, in the midst of the pandemic, invested in a line that transferred the concept of artisan bakery production into a fully automated process.