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baking+biscuit issue 2023-03

Throughout its century in the business, Cavan Bakery has kept a keen eye on the future. The company has recently started a new chapter by moving into a new home, a facility three times the size of its old one. Jeff Greenall, Cavan Bakery Director, gave baking+biscuit international a glimpse into the work behind the recent GBP 1.5 m investment and the company’s take on innovation.

in-store ovens

To optimize in-store baking efficiency, the UDO baking technology is one to watch. It stands for Univac Double-bake Oven and is powered by Cetravac AG’s patented innovation. Developed under the bakeXperts brand, the UDO opens the door to a new world of baking in-store.

There are numerous approaches to in-store baking optimization, depending on the concept of each bakery, its product needs and the baseline of its operations. The big expectations come from oven innovation.


Koenig closed FY 2022 with sales amounting to EUR 114 million, a new record in the company’s history. Wolfgang Staufer, the company’s CEO, gives us a glimpse into the work behind these results and shares his views on the state of the industry, its future and Koenig’s role.


Automating bakeware handling saves time and precious human resources. It also ensures that trays, pans and tins are handled exactly as instructed by the tray and coating manufacturers, time and again.

Family-owned Via Oliveto Bakery set out to quadruple production and boost its capabilities to manufacture its staple products and new innovations at its facility in Barrie, Canada. With the upgrade, the company took the next step from baking on racks to introducing a tunnel oven.

When a machine manufacturer such as FRITSCH and a fiber specialist such as JRS cooperate on application tests for gluten-free doughs or, more precisely, gluten-free croissants, this creates added value because the processes are examined from both perspectives – the machine side and the formulation side.

Raw materials

Reformulating baked goods to have a lower sugar content must
take into consideration the taste of the final products, as well
as replicating sugar’s functional benefits. Predough processes are up to both tasks.


How to better meet today’s customer expectations with modified dough processes for baked goods containing rye.


Cost-sensitive and inflation-wary consumers in Germany are bound to increasingly head to the supermarket and discounters for their bread for baked goods in 2023, as they search for a cheaper weekly shopping basket overall. However, the country continues to favor traditional bread. Health awareness and consumers’ unwavering appreciation for local and regional products are bakeries’ best bet.