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bbi-2023-03-“The demand for bigger, centralized bakeries has been instrumental”

Koenig closed FY 2022 with sales amounting to EUR 114 million, a new record in the company’s history. Wolfgang Staufer, the company’s CEO, gives us a glimpse into the work behind these results and shares his views on the state of the industry, its future and Koenig’s role.

Catalina Mihu: In light of record-breaking financial results last year, what types of solutions were among the most requested? What innovations drove sales momentum throughout a challenging year for the industry?

Wolfgang Staufer: Requests received last year were increasingly shifting towards the big industrial lines we offer. We are seeing high demand in this segment as the industry is investing considerably in order to achieve more cost-efficient production. Although a high proportion of our turnover comes from the artisan market – small and mid-sized bakeries, we have been seeing a shift over recent years to bigger, industrial lines.