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Barry Callebaut expands plant-based portfolio

Barry Callebaut plans to expand its plant-based portfolio by adding dairy-free organic chocolate to its North American portfolio. Barry Callebaut is amplifying its entire plant-based solution range, called Plant Craft. Dairy-free organic chocolate joins the entire plant-based portfolio including the recently launched dairy-free compound, classic dairy-free chocolates, and cocoa powders as well as the more unique portfolio offerings including the robust range of nut solutions and Cacaofruit Experiences, the pulp, juice and concentrate directly from the Cacaofruit. The Plant Craft range includes solutions for confectionery, bakery, ice cream applications, and beyond.

Dairy-free organic chocolate and the entire Plant Craft portfolio caters to the growing demand for vegan and dairy-free solutions within the sweets and snacks industries. A recent survey showed that 81% of consumers are seeking chocolates that not only taste great but are also ‘good for me and good for the planet’. This insight was uncovered by Barry Callebaut’s new report, The Future of Indulgence, which was unveiled at the Sweets & Snacks Show on May 24.

 “We have seen an increased demand for plant-based indulgence over the years,” said Steve Woolley, CEO & President, Barry Callebaut.

“There is a lot of excitement around our industry-leading Plant Craft portfolio as we offer exciting solutions to the consumer demands of the plant-based market,” said Laura Bergan, Director of Brand Marketing at Barry Callebaut.

Photo: Pexels