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bbi-2022-01-More healthy snacks, please!

With a growing trend for health-conscious eating, product innovation relies on flexible equipment to perfect bakery products. Now snack manufacturers have that flexibility in a new automated solution to make
pita chips, developed by Reading Bakery Systems (RBS).

Consumer preferences for nutritional and dietary snacking options are always changing and expanding. Over the past two years, these dynamics have only gained in amplitude, with people seeking health benefits, nutritional balance, immunity support in addition to unique taste experiences. Product development follows suit, with plenty of options to explore, combining various types of healthy ingredients. “This means system flexibility is an absolute must for snack manufacturers,” said Joe Pocevicius, European sales manager for Reading Bakery Systems. Pocevicius also observes there is a growing need to transform manual or semi-automated production processes into large-scale industrial processes as businesses are scaling up. “This is exactly what we’ve accomplished with our pita system,” he explains, “we have transformed a manually-made product into a reliable, high-quality industrial process.” The system is aimed at providing a turnkey industrial production system for pita chips, a staple among healthy snacks, while also being able to run different types of crisps.